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Advisory Board


  • Greenville Splash is in good hands with our 2017 Advisory Board

    Meet the Greenville Splash Advisory Board:

     Leslie Scott


    Casey Oliver

    Casey 3-1

    Carolyn Moore



    Amy Browning

    Amy 2-1

     Sara Bopp

    Sara 4-1

    Mark Kothe


    Janice Hebel

    Janice 3-1

    Judi Rich

    Tyler Sites

  • The Greenville Splash was established in 2009 and has grown to the largest Masters swim program in Upstate of South Carolina. With over 100 participating swimmers that swim at multiple facilities our advisory board is looking to bridge the line of communication and achieve new goals and opportunities for our members.

    The advisory board is constantly striving to make our Masters swim team bigger and better for our members. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please reach out to our advisory board members for their review.

    Have an idea or suggestion?
    Summit email to:  advisoryboard@greenvillesplash.com

    Thank you for your support!