Masters Swimming For Adults Of All Ages

Workouts Week of June 29, 2020

If the intervals are a bit aggressive, feel free to add 15 seconds to each interval or just take 15 seconds rest whenever you finish. Spending time in the water is really the key. Happy Swimming! Week of June 29-2020

Workouts Week of June 22, 2020

This week is all about enjoying the water! Don't worry too much about intervals at this point of getting back to the water. Happy Swimming! Click on the link below to access the workouts. Week of June 22-2020

Workouts Week of June 15, 2020

We are offering free swim workouts for our Greenville Splash Masters members and these swim workouts are for the week of June 15. Hope you are starting to feel more and more comfortable back in the water. Here are two "good ones" submitted by Bill for your swimming...

2019 April Newsletter Workouts and Socials

2019 April Newsletter Workouts and SocialsOur coaches and volunteers come together to help our communities adults learn to swim from the generous grants offered from the Swimming Saves Lives Foundation through the US Masters Swimming...

Leslie Scott

Leslie Scott

Level 4 United States Masters Coach

Welcome to the Greenville Splash Masters Swimming blog. I am thrilled to share with you our wonderful certified coaches thoughts on swimming and many more adventures of the Greenville Splash Masters swim team. You will be entertained with fun articles on our practices, swim meets, socials, Upstate Splash charity and all other activities the Greenville Splash Masters is involved with.
Make A Splash In Life; Swim!