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Greenville Splash Masters is for Adult Lap & Fitness Swimmers, Cross-Trainers, Triathletes, Masters Swimmers, and YOU!

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The Greenville Splash Masters swimming is a USMS (United States Masters) swim team in Greenville, South Carolina. The team was created and founded in 2009 by the vision and passion of several local Greenville swimmers.

Our US Masters Swim program is an adult fitness swimming and exercise program. We offer anyone 18 years of age or older a fun and safe way to improve physical and mental well being through swimming. All practices have an experienced Masters Coach on deck or in the water who provides expert assistance, in addition, offering training technique, stroke mechanics, and fitness goal setting. Each workout is an hour long and accommodates all skill levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, or triathlete.

Swimming is a very technical and athletic skill. Our coaches will help swimmers achieve success with their fitness goals by improving their endurance, strength, technique and efficiency. Learning and acquiring swimming skills takes time and patience. We welcome swimmers to join us on their journey to stay fit and healthy through our workouts.



To improve adult fitness and health through the camaraderie of United States Masters Swimming in Greenville and the Upstate of South Carolina

Greenville Splash Masters is proud of our Coaches, Status and Instructors.

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Greenville Splash Masters

Greenville Splash Masters swim team attend YMCA National event


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Swimmers say the nicest things

After years of swimming alone (BORING), I am so thankful to have found the structure and camaraderie of the Greenville Splash (which is anything but boring).

H. Nelson

I am one example that proves you don’t have to have a strong swimming background to swim with the Masters. While I still enjoy heading to the pool for a few laps on my own, there is something very encouraging and challenging doing a swim workout as part of a group with a coach that offers tips for improvement. Everyone I’ve met has been encouraging and nice. There are also health benefits to be gained.

K. Knowles

Joining Greenville Splash has been so amazing. I get to do something I love (which isn’t always easy at 6am) with people I’ve grown to know and become friends with.

J. Rumsey

The welcome I received from the Coaches and members of Greenville Splash as a drop-in while traveling the country was a reflection of the community here, and part of the reason we chose to relocate permanently to Greenville.

R. Germani

We Love Our Volunteers

Thank you for all you do!

Coach Leslie & Amy with Travis

Having a great time at the Dixie Zone event at Greenville County Aquatic Complex

Setting the course of action

Jenny and Travis preparing for the next swim

Volunteers Teach Adults To Swim

Over 60 adults had their lives changed when the Greenville Splash volunteers and coaches jumped in and taught them how to swim. These adults learned to float, kick, tread water and swim for the very first time. Thanks to the outstanding community support from everyone involved. We are proud of the success of our Adult Learn To Swim program hosted by the Greenville County Aquatic Complex. View the video and see these wonderful volunteers changing the live of these adults.

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