Our History

Greenville Splash History

The Greenville Splash would like to share our history with you…

Many years ago a few swimmers started to work out together at the Wellington Green Pool in the summer. We didn’t have enough swimmers to bother with lane ropes, pace clocks or even pool lights. But a friendship and bond was formed and we knew we wanted to keep up the joy of swimming with a group. So we came up with our team name Greenville Splash and off we went to start an official USMS Masters program in 2009. Since then Greenville Splash has grown to 100 members with multiple workouts throughout the Upstate area.

The majority of Greenville Splash swimmers swim for the benefits of camaraderie, health, fitness and friendship. The team is a fun group of swimmers both in and out of the water with several team socials, picnics and outings throughout the year. Many of our team members have accomplished national and state records, team titles and several individual and relay All-Americans. Greenville Splash has many swimmers that love to compete at pool events, open water swims and triathlons in local, regional and national events. Most of our swimmers are fitness swimmers and didn’t grow up with a strong swimming background. We have swimmers of all ability levels in our workouts. We encourage everyone to swim and have fun with us.

The Greenville Splash is also committed to water safety awareness and teaching others to swim. In the fall we host the Upstate Splash Charity Open Water swim which raises funds to provide swim lessons to at-risk youth in our community. In the spring we host an Adult Learn to Swim program where we teach free swim lessons to adults. We want children and adults to be safe around water and enjoy swimming just as we do.

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